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Personality choice Nubia Z9 Max 4G Smartphone

May 25 2015, 03:22am

Posted by Welcome To SpeMall

Nubia Z9 Max! Maybe you have some impression on this mobile phone, it is Nubia the latest smartphone. Nubia mobile phone often be called "mobile phone of the SLR,"although in fact, camera phones in the level of taking pictures have large gaps than SLR, but overall, Nubia mobile phone camera performance compared with the similar mobile phone products has great advantage. Nubia recently released the latest mobile phone Nubia Z9 Max, so how is it Nubia Z9 Max photo performance after all?

Apart from Nubia Z9 Max performance, only for its light body design, let a person fondle admiringly, it absolutely conforms to most users of the aesthetic. Flat back, square body, compared to old Nubia Z7, its appearance difference is obvious.

Taking pictures function has always been a Nubia mobile phone highlight, its rear camera in appearance has a distinctive design, similar to the high-end SLR camera's red ring suggested that it has a powerful picture performance. Nubia Z9 Max adopted Sony IMX234 16.0 megapixel stack type image sensor, it is built-in low power consumption motor and f / 2.0 aperture, combined with single pixel size of 1.12 micron, it can perfect reduce the details of the object.

Professional models are a specialty of Nubia, Z9 Max interface "professional" button in the lower-right corner can quickly switch to the professional model. A total of five parameters can be adjusted, they are exposure compensation, shutter speed, white balance, ISO sensitivity and focus depth of field.

Nubia camera family some of the functionality is also very interesting. Such as "light painting camera" is a good thing which can make your dream into reality.

In the present smartphone renewal speed is so fast, brand competitiveness white-hot market, Nubia still maintained the style, from inside and outside are very impressive. Nubia Z9 Max insisted to support all network system, double card double stay, it meet the needs of different users for network. It is also equipped with the world's most powerful Snapdragon 810 processing, 64 bit LPDDR4 dual-channel high-speed 3GB memory, this smartphone performance is excellent.

After upgraded Neovision 5.0, Nubia Z9 Max Smartphone maintained Nubia consistent strong advantages in pictures, as a rising star, Nubin in photo, standing at a new height, it is not easy.

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