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Posts with #pipo m6

PIPO M6 From SpeMall Is Instock For immediate shipment!

June 20 2013, 03:36am

Today I want to talk about one of these tablets that let us good feelings by his relation quality price. Pipo M6 Tablet PC , this interesting Tablet for its qualities is called and quality we were called much attention that she wants to become an alternative...

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PIPO M6 Tablet PC with Android 4.2 OS Quad Core

June 6 2013, 03:50am

PiPO has presented a new tablet that returns to surprise by its great specifications coupled with an unbelievable price. It's called PiPO M6 Tablet PC and its most notable features are its high resolution type screen Retina, its quad-core processor and...

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New Arrival: PIPO M6 from SpeMall

May 21 2013, 03:34am

Pipo M6 Tablet 3 g Rockchip3188 Quad Core 2 GB DDR3 16 GB HDMI Bluetooth 9.7 ' IPS Display is the first tablet 3 g quad core of Pain and Rockchip3188 chipset, one of the best of the moment (supports quadcore processors but also has Bluetooth and HDMI)...

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The Powerful Member Of PIPO Family: PIPO M6

May 13 2013, 03:51am

When we are looking for a Tablet, we want that the images on your screen are showy and natural, that them texts to read clear, and other factors that make working with this type of device more comfortable. As stated above, the screen is important, and...

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